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SUN iCON SYSTEMS is an innovative and competitive provider of solar energy products and services to wide range of customers. Our commitment is to extend total quality to all layers of the organization, empowering every individual from sales to support to meet our customers' requirements and satisfaction. Our customer-driven philosophy is to pursuit the innovation for the continual improvement of our products and services.

Solar Technology
The Photo-Voltaic effect can be observed in variety of materials in nature, which has shown the best performance in semi-Conductors. When photons from sun are absorbed in a semi- conductor, they generate free electrons with higher energies, when pass through the external conductor constitutes an Electric Current. This is the basis of Photo Voltaic conversion.

Vision "Right choice for bright future"
Our aim is to build a sustainable future in the field of solar energy community globally. In today’s evolving energy consuming world, we offer world’s most sophisticated solar energy systems and renewable products, in-order to meet the increasing needs of alternative energy markets.

At SUN iCON, we believe that "It all starts when we wake up in the morning and turn on the light. As we all know that Electricity is not just part of our lives, but structures our daily routine. To do without electricity is unthinkable and getting away from Electricity is Unavoidable". For just a matter of fact that "life without electricity is miserable and to make it colourful", we offer the most efficient solar solutions to lighten your world of happiness.

Our Team
We are a group of dedicated professionals in the solar energy stream lines with excellent operational execution and product leadership in the solar energy industry. Our specialized knowledge and systematic approach in product design to product installation has enabled us as the industry leaders in the alternate energy resources sector.

Our core competency enabled us to build the tailor made efficient products and economical solutions for our customers and government subsidy and power density is an added advantage.


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